How to install a Retractable Screen with Magnet Closure

In order to make improvements to your home, one simple upgrade is installing a retractable screen on existing doors. Smart Life Solutions provides the option to choose and install retractable screen doors with magnetic closure options, which are one of the most popular models of mesh screens on the market. All of the mesh screen doors in these models are made up of magnetic hardware that creates an easy in-and-out user experience for homeowners.

During the process of changing your doors, retractable screen doors are an easy and stylish way to customize your doors as they can screen a beautiful, decorative entry door without disrupting the design’s beauty. In addition, they both protect your doorways from potential dirt and pests while also disappearing into protective housing when not in use. In addition, by opting for the magnetic screen latch hardware, your screen doors will benefit from an easy and simple solution to close them.

How to choose between standard sliding and retractable screen doors?

Standard sliding screen doors are the most popular type for homeowners. Standard sliding retractable screen doors are the most well-known type for homeowners. The tracks of the screen doors are horizontally arranged that allow them to easily slide open and close. All of the screens provided by these panels provide homes with the comfort of protective mesh, while also preserving your design integrity in doors.

In addition, our retractable screen doors aren’t limited to the use of sliding doors and you have the option to open and close them in any way that best fits your home. A huge benefit is the fact that all of our models can also slide into a protective fabric on both sides that protects the mesh when not in use.

The retractable screen doors with a magnetic closure are even more convenient for use than the standard sliding model. In the magnetic screen latch, it is used to use a strip of powerful magnets that run vertically down the middle of the two panels in mesh. In addition, the magnetic screen latch is extremely user-friendly and allows adults, children and even pets to walk through to open the retractable doors. The magnetic door is automatically attached back into place for proper closure, protecting your home from pests straight away.

Screen doors with protection and privacy-focused screen doors to fit your needs

All our retractable screen doors can be customized to perfectly fit your personal home needs. Allretratable screen doors are sized and measured to fit any standard and large door openings on your home, including glass sliding glass doors, for easy installation.

As you can see, Phantom’s wide range of mesh options helps to make any space more comfortable. A variety of mesh options for screen doors are available that vary from different levels of privacy or protection from sun and pests. If you want to choose your mesh type, be sure to consider the location of your doors. How the doors can be exposed to sunlight, wind or insects? A stronger mesh curtain will provide increased privacy and may affect sunlight, airflow through the screen, potentially reducing your household’s energy use over time.

Retractable screen door maintenance Durability and maintenance of your retractable screen door

In summer, it is more likely that your home will keep doors open to enjoy the nicer weather. In addition to being easy to use, the retracted screen doors with magnet latches will improve your day-to-day use and also keep out debris insects and damaging UV light that can enter your home’s open doorways.

It is worth noting that, when your retractable screen doors are not in use, they’re automatically retracted into a protective case that keeps them safe from potentially damage during wet and cold weather. When not in use, the easy ability to store your retractable screens is an important benefit as it will extend and prolong its life when not in use. In order to maintain general upkeep, clean your screens with a mild detergent and water seasonally. Avoid harsh chemicals, not needed for screen mesh doors.

Durability is guaranteed by Smart Life Solutions’ retractable screen doors and magnetized door options, so all purchases come with a lifetime contract. In the event of regular upkeep, your screen doors will protect your home doorways for many years. If the door has an accident, Smart Life Solutions’ factory-trained installers can come to your home to fit a screen for a new mesh or perform repair services at small costs. Because quality will never go out of style.

Today, our team at Smart Life Solutions will help you learn more about how your home can benefit from magnetic retractable screen doors.

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