Choose the Best Handle Option for your Retractable Patio Screen Door

According to the seasons, as the seasons change and fluctuate, so is electricity usage — especially as temperatures rise or fall. Moreover, a way to help keep your home feeling comfortable and warm no matter the season is by installing retractable door screens. In the summer, these screens can help to eliminate cool drafts in the winter or to bring in the refreshing breezes. Durable exterior mounting is used for this purpose.

You shouldn’t have to worry about these retractable patio screen doors will work for your home. The amount of customizable options is the best way to match your personal preferences, needs and designs right down to the size, color, and of course the mesh type.

In order to find the right retractable patio screen door for your home, you should first select the handle type that is most convenient for you and family’s daily needs: a magnet closure or latching handle. In addition, they have their own unique advantages, so read on to learn which is best for your own home.

The Magnetic handle is used for Retractable Patio Screen Door Handle. It can be replaced with the
This is the connection that clicks, which is the magnetic hardware. We have a simple, original handle that is used by the magnet closure system. This handle type is user-friendly for easy in-and-out access throughout the day.

The most popular system is the latch & release – our most popular system. Latch systems are a reinforced, control option that is quiet to work and promises security from any unintended openings even if you invited them over. Enjoy the benefits that come with your new screen door, while also enjoying the peace of mind offered by this super secure hardware.

Who you gonna call? Who do you want to call?
A few minutes after you have taken the time to select the best retractable patio screen door and handle that best fits your life, it is now time for an expert. You don’t need to worry about DIY here. Authorized distributors are Smart Life Solutions factory-trained experts who can help to guide you throughout the process, from choosing your perfect screen and hardware all over before installation.

In any handle, our products are backed by our industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty and a promise that you will love your retractable screens. Are there any more questions as to which would work best in your own home? The team at Smart Life Solutions today will discuss with you all the options available when it comes to our retractable wall and window screens

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