Freshening Up Your Exterior French Doors? Here’s What You Need to Know

Your home is a reflection of your personality and style. As there are so many choices and inspiration available, finding the right fit is something everyone can do. At the moment, you are still searching for that perfect piece to complete the look, your answer may just be “light”. French doors that extend out to the backyard or patio, not only adds light and fresh air but also are classic elements that never goes out of style.

France door replaces Sliding Doors? Can French doors Replace the Sliding Doors?

Your doors in and out to your porch or deck might be an afterthought, but there are many different views on the right door type for you. If you just moved in or are looking for an upgrade, the idea of replacing French doors with sliding doors may have crossed your mind. The factor of size and shape of your opening may be a great way to spice up a space. French doors swing open, which means you can be taking up square footage in your living space.

Exterior French doors have screens?

Never be concerned that the Phantom Screen won’t fit on your door. You should never be worried about it. In French doors, we can easily fit a screen with your choice of mesh type. Just mount your screen on the right or left hand side of a opening so that it meets in middle, just like French doors. A great way to keep the style while letting in fresh air.

These Smart Life Solutions are available in various colors and mesh options to perfectly fit your style and needs. In addition, they will integrate perfectly into your home’s decor and aesthetic while being functional. They are the perfect solution to a bug-free space, while preserving the look.

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